Creating a Great Video Podcast
-The Tech- 
"I'm so glad you're taking steps to creating an awesome video podcast! Consistent and 'edutaining' content is key and kudos to you for starting the process. We'd love to help you make it great so please let us know how we can be there for you!
And also, here's my super sweet lighting video I promised:"
-Shaina Churchfield, Co-Founder & CEO of Video Podcast Producers
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  • How to look/sound pro to guests when you first start
  • The art of giving your guest a great experience
  • How to give a great interview
  • How to turn one video podcast into a ton of usable content
  • How to market your video podcast
  • Tons more!
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  • One stop shop... We guide, film, edit, and upload your video and audio podcasts
  • We create both video and audio versions of your podcast
  • Access to the VPP Education Center
  • Custom intros and stellar editing
  • Social Media teasers included for each episode
Here's what Emily had to say:

"It does not get any easier... So if you've even thought about it, do it."
-Emily LaRusch, CEO of Back Office Betties
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